MonoLoco Monkey T-Shirt

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Sandy Brown 5.3oz Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton

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These shirts were all designed and screen printed by my own hands. After the screen printing process, these shirts have been washed and dried.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 1 in

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2 reviews for MonoLoco Monkey T-Shirt

  1. Eddie (verified owner)

    Too bad you don’t make a 3x size cause the one I got is just a tad snug for my comfort, but it’s a nice t shirt

    • trmoser

      Sorry the XXL was a little snug. I really didn’t think about my target audience as I quickly ran out of all of my large sized shirts. You got the last XXL I had and now all I have left is a hand full of smalls and a bunch of mediums and larges..

  2. Jim Dasher

    It’s unfortunate you had to find out the hard way, regarding what t-shirt sizes are usually the
    most popular.

    We always try to advise our customers to purchase more ‘XL’ than ‘Lg’. And only smaller sizes,
    if their customers are women, or children. We will also suggest ordering a few ‘2XL’ and ‘3XL’.
    These larger sizes, of course, are priced slightly higher.

    We have found that 75% to 80% of our t-shirt orders will be for ‘XL’. It also seems, a lot of women
    will prefer the roomer ‘XL’ size, whether needed or not.

    Here’s how “typical” order for six dozen (72) T-shirts would break-down: Large: 12 | XL: 54 | XXL: 4 | XXXL: 2.
    These quantities may vary slightly, based on what you think your market demand might be.

    We have some customers who will only order ‘XL’ and larger t-shirts, ‘especially’ if the t-shirts
    are 100% cotton, and the t-shirt material hasn’t been pre-shrunk, prior to being manufactured.

    Last but not least, I wanted to mention I really enjoyed your video on ‘making a vacuum chamber’.
    Very interesting, and informative.

    Best of Luck,

    Jim Dasher
    Spectrum Graphics
    (Seattle metro area)


    • trmoser

      Who knew woodworkers were mostly middle aged men. 🙂 lol

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