Phoenix Wood Suppliers

A list of Phoenix AZ area sawmills, sawyers and wood suppliers serving the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Peoria, Gilbert, Glendale and surrounding Arizona areas.


Local Sawmills and/or Sawyers

  • Chequest Millworks
    Peoria, AZ
    (505) 400-6062
    DESCRIPTION: A local veteran owned sawmill specializing in Mesquite and Willow Acacia live edge slabs. They offer milling services as well as log recovery. They have regularly stock local species of wood and have a large selection of logs on site to mill. (See more in the comment below.)
  • Ironwood Mills
    8342 N 7th St
    Phoenix, AZ 85020
    (602) 300-5661
    DESCRIPTION: Local sawyer with a very large portal mill. Focuses mostly on “Urban Milling” producing varying sizes of slabs and dimensional lumber.
  • Northwest Woodworks AZ
    5411 W. Orange Dr. Ste 17
    Glendale, AZ 85301
    (602) 999-9557
    DESCRIPTION: They specialize in live edge and dimensional hardwoods from the Pacific Northwest. Maple, spalted alder, alder, chinkapin, white oak, madrone walnut , Bastone walnut, English walnut, Claro Black walnut, cherry, yew, tiger wood, canary wood, ash, sycamore, myrtle. Their inventory changes and they are looking to expand as their business grows. Also have a selection of burls, turning blocks, pen blanks, white oak beams. Lots of interesting and figured pieces. Gpops: “Lots of interesting and figured pieces. Friendly service as they stayed open late to allow me to get there on the Friday before labor day weekend. Thank you to them both.”
  • Wine Glass Bar Sawmill
    4048 E Air Lane
    Phoenix, Arizona 85034
    DESCRIPTION: A couple old guys down by the airport. Most of their material is reclaimed or “urban milled” and left in slab form. They have added a kiln to their arsenal and also bring in walnut from out of state.

Commercial locations with warehouses or store fronts

  • American Hardwoods
    1401 E Hadley St
    Phoenix, AZ 85034
    (602) 271-4608
  • Heldt Lumber
    5712 N 7th St,
    Phoenix, AZ 85014
    (602) 277-3378
    DESCRIPTION: danoaz: Mostly construction grade material with lots of plywood. Outside yard with covered wood storage. They will deliver for larger projects.
  • Peterman Lumber
    4110 W. Washington St. Ste 200
    Phoenix, AZ 85009
    DESCRIPTION: They have a decent selection of hardwoods, sheet goods and slabs. They also have some of the better retail prices I’ve seen around town. As long as you don’t go at the end of the day, they are generally happy to help pick through their selection to find what you need. Some say their selection of hardwoods has started getting smaller and they may be favoring more melamine products.
  • Phoenix Hardwoods
    17455 N. Black Canyon Hwy.
    Phoenix, AZ 85023
    DESCRIPTION: Captain Klutz: Quality is average, and they some unusual figure boards as well. Only drawback is they are not fond of people picking through a whole pile to find those 3-4 special boards.
  • Porter Barn Wood
    901 S. 7th St.
    Phoenix, AZ 85034
    (602) 738-1456
    DESCRIPTION: Porter Barn Wood has quite a large stock of old wood most brought back from the east wide of the states. Much of their wood comes from old tobacco and mushroom farms among other places. They also have large hand hewn beams, reclaimed joists and some live edge slabs. They have quite the show room and offer learning events on some weekends.
  • Rockler
    4626 E Thunderbird Rd
    Phoenix, AZ 85032
    (602) 996-3488
    DESCRIPTION: Kaptain Klutz: Decent selection of special project boards. Prices are reasonable when they have a special sale, or if you only need 1 board; otherwise pricey for large quantities.
  • Spellman Hardwoods
    4645 N 43rd Ave
    Phoenix, AZ 85031
    DESCRIPTION: Captain Klutz: Carries a large selection of domestic and imported lumber. They have one of the best selections of veneered plywood in the city. Have only used them a few times, and they seem to dislike dealing with non-commercial woodworkers. The “cash” prices have always been higher than anyone else I quoted. Unless you need a couple hundred bdft of lumber or a dozen sheets of plywood, you are not going to like the prices.
  • Superior Hardwoods
    616 S. 55th Ave, STE 101
    Phoenix, AZ 85043
    DESCRIPTION: Captain Klutz: Superior Hardwoods focuses on domestic hardwood and veneers for the local cabinet businesses. They were more pleasant to deal with than Spellman, but don’t carry as many species/grades of plywood. Prices are competitive locally, but not inexpensive. Unless you need a couple hundred bdft of lumber or a dozen sheets of plywood, you are not going to like the prices.
  • Timber Woodworking Machinery
    935 E. Southern Ave
    Mesa, AZ 85204
    (480) 926-2131
    DESCRIPTION: Varying quality and selection of materials. They are very friendly and will let you sift through their entire collection for hours. They have two buildings, one that offer all hardwood/woodsheds and another building next door that offers news/used machinery. Their prices are generally a decent amount higher than the wholesalers around town but for a quick project, they are a good supply. They offer planing/drum sanding on large materials for for a very reasonable price. They are only open on Saturdays during winter months.
  • Woodworkers Source
    645 W Elliot Rd
    Tempe, AZ 85284
    (480) 355-5090
    18115 N Black Canyon Hwy
    Phoenix, AZ 85023
    (602) 504-1931
    DESCRIPTION: Decent verity of specifies but not always a high supply of exotics. Higher everyday prices but decent monthly sales.

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