Cutting and Drying End Grain Cookies

February 18, 2016

In this article and video I show my process of cutting, stabilizing and drying end grain cookies using a large chainsaw mill, Pentacryl and air drying. I’m not sure who coined the term “Cookie” but you’ll notice […]

Custom Cabinet & Counter with Inlaid Metal Band

December 30, 2015

I recently took on a large wrap around custom cabinet job that quickly became the largest commissioned project of my life to date. I’ve done cabinets and commissions in the past but I don’t think the size, […]

Wooden Ax for a Desert Lumberjack

December 16, 2015

I started growing this beard in early September this year and at the time it was pretty much because I hate shaving. While I was at it, I figured that I  might as well give it […]

Ultra Smooth Finishing Method

December 4, 2015

There are few things worse than finishing a project just to have it not appealing to the touch. Don’t you hate it when you’re finally getting around to dusting and your duster keeps getting caught […]

Halloween Tombstones

November 2, 2015

 Need some tombstones for Halloween but don’t want to have the same ones as your neighbors? Make your own by following this tutorial and be the talk of the neighborhood. Tools  AirBrush Air ​Brush Kit […]

Dust Collector Drum Sensor

October 22, 2015

When starting my dust collector upgrade, I knew I would be needing a solution to know when my dust bin was full before my cyclone and filter were packed. I found more than a few […]

Hanging Storage Shelves

September 23, 2015

Do you have a storage area that is over crowded with… stuff? A lot of people get storage shelves at an attempt to try to hold said stuff but they always have left me wanting […]

All in One Cat Box

September 3, 2015

We’ve had one of those enclosed kitty litter boxes for the longest time and it was… ok. It did it’s job but the dogs were always getting in it, kitty litter would get everywhere and […]

Star Wars Pallet Sign

August 20, 2015

My wife and her friend wanted to make some pallet signs this past weekend, my job was to assemble their “canvases”. Luckily I had plenty of pallet wood after recently spending over 5 hours dissembling […]

Magnetic Frame and Steel Cabinet Chalk Board

August 17, 2015

My friend brought over a dart board a few months ago and we’ve been playing a gamed called cricket ever since. I’ve had stacks of paper start to disappear from all the score keeping. About […]

Finishing Your Projects with FIRE!

August 6, 2015

This entire project started out as a test for another one that my friend and I have been arguing about. It all comes down to drinking games.. My friend has been bugging me to make […]

Corian Cuttingboard

July 16, 2015

A friend was getting ready to move and found a fairly large piece of corian in his garage. It was originally the remainder of his kitchen sink cutout when his house was built. He mentioned […]

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