About Me

As long as I remember I have enjoyed making stuff or at least taking stuff about to see how it worked.. even if I generally just destroyed stuff while taking it apart. Growing up, I lived on a hobby farm in south-eastern Idaho and my dad was a carpenter. Because of this, I grew up helping with all sorts of things from farm tasks to building houses from the concrete foundation to the singles on the roof including all interior items as well. In middle school I did take one shop class but didn’t learn nearly as much as spending time in the shed with my dad while he tinkered on this, that and the other. I remember going out there during the cold winter months to help my dad work on kitchen cabinets or a china hutch. I’m sure I was more of a burden than a helping hand but he didn’t kick me out!

My woodworking addiction didn’t take root during my young adult years but my technological geekiness sure did start to shine. I took all available electronic and computer classes in high school and decided to get out of the small town farm life and move to the city where I could get myself one of those fancy computer engineering degrees. Throughout all of my college years, I was always that roommate with a DIY attitude that wrangled everybody else into helping me make something. No matter where we lived, we were always amassing new tools and projects whether it was simple grinders, cheap welders and garage sale circular saws to make quad-cubed fish tanks connected with pipe, half pipes or just general car mechanics. (The latter was due to a POS car and very little money to pay somebody knowledgeable to fix it.)

During college I landed one of those jobs where I could flex my exercised brain muscle and later moved up and into more of a permanent position with the additional of my degree. I purchased a fixer-upper and went to work. One paycheck and project at a time, I slowly fixed up my house and increased my tool supply and knowledge. I re-branded an old blog I had that was originally about programming (The MonoLoco Coder) into MonoLoco Workshop and started posting articles about projects here and there. I wasn’t ever very good at keeping to any kind of schedule primarily due to my very large and varying list of hobbies and the fact that I was recently married, got full custody of my first daughter and then had a 2nd but eventually settled down and decided I needed fewer hobbies that I could focus more on. I started increasing my skills as a hobby woodworking, metal worker, maker of things and wrote more and more articles. Then one day I found the world of YouTube woodworking. For how “savvy” I considered myself I was surprised that I didn’t ever pay any attention to this. A few friends in the community convinced me to make a video of one of my projects and that was it, I wasn’t going back.

Since those first few months as a video woodworker, I became claustrophobic in my fixer upper and decided to move on to bigger and better things. I made my way from a 1/10 acre lot to nearly and acre where my imagination could really take off. (And probably get the better of me, time will tell..) This house isn’t so much a fixer upper but the yard was a clean slate so I guess I’m not getting out of work, it’s just moved outside. I’m continuing to further my education in woodworking and other hands on building and trying my best to put out articles and/or video’s more than once a month.

*Wow.. I really didn’t set out to write the “Short Biography of Ty Moser on Making Stuff”… hopefully you know me a little better and enjoy my content.