The Two Minute Bowl – Braxton Wirthlin

I recently (3 months ago) went to The Skiatook Adventure in Oklahoma put on by the Video WoodWorkers. The general idea was to get a bunch of video producing woodworkers together in a field to build stuff and open up the gates to the public. The entire event was a blast but what many people didn’t get to participate in was the ad-hoc after events that happened each night when the gates were closed.

After a big group meal with your’s truly as the camp’s chef, everybody either sat around a camp fire, or separated into groups to goof off or work on projects. The first night of the event, Braxton Wirthlin decided he was going to attempt a speed turning of a bowl. Being the video creators that we are, we turned what would have been a 5-10 minute ordeal into a multi hour ordeal. After setting up lights and cameras, he finally started turning around 2 AM. Even though he wasn’t as prepared as he would have hoped, he ended up turning the bowl in less than two minutes!

You won’t see me in this video as I was the producer, camera man and editor but you’ll see a number of other awesome creators that you’ll most definitely need to check out.

Braxton Wirthlin
Sean Rubino
Moy Perez
Brian Lane

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