Farmhouse Table with Breadboard Ends

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I recently had a commission for a full dining room table with breadboard ends and benches out of solid walnut. After deciding to film at least the table, I had to decide whether or not I wanted to make a bunch of smaller videos or one large one. After amassing 187 individual clips that took up nearly 65 gigs, I decided I was going for a feature-length film with no instruction or talking whatsoever. I might save some clips for some Monkey Moments down the road but we’ll see.

Some quick specs on the table before you ask: The table top is 42-inches by 90-inches, 1.5-inches thick. The table is 30-inches tall and each leg is 3.5-inches at the top and tapers down to 3-inches at the bottom. The entire table with benches is about 140 board feet of walnut.

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