Jointer Knife Blade Setting Jig – MM#04

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jointer washboard
Washboard results with a jointer with improperly set knife blades

Installing new blades in a jointer can be tedious and.. just a crappy experience overall. If you make the slightest mistake you’ll end up with the dreaded washboard effect or something even worse.

After getting sick of taking what seemed like hours to properly set my jointer knifes, I started searching for a jig online. I found quite a few variations of a jig using magnets to reference off the out feed table and figured that I could make my own in a matter of minutes.

Using a handful of  Ceramic Bar Magnets, a couple not even perfectly flat pieces of wood and a Hot Glue Gun, you can put together an accurate jig to help set your jointer knives.

Gluing magnets to a jointer knife setting jig
Gluing magnets to a piece of wood to make a jointer knife setting jig

You’ll want to make sure you clean off the magnets with some solvent to remove any oil that might interfere with the glue. Place them flat on the jointer table, apply ample amounts of hot glue and press a piece of wood down on top. After a couple of minutes you should be ready to set up your new jointer knives.



After marking the center point of the jointer knives, you can loosen the set screws and place the new magnetic jigs in place.

setting jointer knives with a magnet jig

The jointer knives/blades will be sucked up to the same level as the out feed table and you can lightly tighten the set screws you can reach. After removing the jigs, tighten everything else down and check our your results.

I was a little skeptical of the accuracy but was pleasantly surprised after my dial caliper showed that everything checked out and a follow-up pass using the same board as earlier verified just how great this quick jig worked.

Hopefully this helps some of you out. I know there are some similar jigs you can buy and other examples of how to make this jig but many of them seemed overly complex or used a longer to cure glue and I guess I’m just impatient…


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  1. Thanks for posting. I have had more than one instance of frustration setting my jointer knives. I am going to use a couple of magnets from a reclaimed computer hard drive. They have a lot power.

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