Monkey Talk #08 – More Fence and Shop Projects

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It’s Summer time!

Phoenix isn’t a bad place to live, for most of the year… We get great weather for about 8 months. It might freeze a few times during the winter but man, those four months during the summer can be brutal. As most everybody knows, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my fence recently it is definitely the wrong time of year to be outside. A couple of weekends ago I spent all day outside welding panels together in 108°F temperatures and the next day I installed all 9 panels in 118°F temperatures. Each day I was drinking over 200 oz of water and had plenty of sunscreen but it’s still pretty brutal. At least I’ve been making progress!

Welding in 108°F
Welding in 118°F


Casting & Stabilization Chamber

Since I’ve been spending so much time on the fence I haven’t gotten much done with the stabilizing and casting projects I’ve started. I did finally make it into my shop to rebuild my stabilization chamber and it tested out fine. I went to make some molds and a tray to use in the pressure pot and found that I had a bunch of stuff piled up against my saws so I went back to an even older project.

Pressure pot with wood to be cast

Tool Wall & Organization

Back in May, I kicked off the year of organization with a Monkey Moment video on transferring large images to wood. The full-sized piece of plywood was going to become a tool wall and then it promptly got set against my bandsaws where it stayed for two months. I finally got tired of it being in the way and stopped working on my casting project so I could get it up on the wall. I’ve totally torn my shop apart and have made it a total mess to remove everything from the wall but hope to get everything back together this weekend. I’ll be making tool holders soon but might have to go back to my casting project now that I can get to those tools again.


The Fence

My fence project is in its final stages and I still feel like I have TONS to do. I have finally got all panels installed and have only gates left to do. I did get one gate installed but it was more of a hidden gate for access to irrigation and was just a modified panel with hinges and a latch. I still have 4 small man-sized gates to design, build and install as well as a large rolling gate to provide access to vehicles. So I might be mostly done but I don’t even have the design of the gates finalized in my head yet. Makes the finish line feel forever far away.

Chainsaw Milling

I haven’t pulled out the giant chainsaw since the last Monkey Talk  but I do have something in the works. My boss has multiple 6+ story tall pine trees at his cabin that will be coming down. I wouldn’t normally be super interested in pine trees but something that big is totally worth my while.


Necklace Display

I recently put together a necklace display for a friend of the family and ended up burning the crap out of the whole thing to make the finish. I also applied some dark blue paint to end up with a near finish so you’ll have to check it out if you haven’t already.

Monkey Moment #03 – Quick Wood Screw Clamp Vise

I’ve been using some wooden hand screw clamps in place of a bench vise for a couple of years now and figured that it would be a good thing to share. Check out this article and video for some great ideas on clamping stuff up.



  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Stabilizing Wood


  • Pressure Pot
  • Casting Wood
  • French Cleat Tool Storage
  • Clamp Rack
  • Carpenter Bee Trap


Matt Cremona – Log Trailer Upgrades

I feel like Matt gets to do a lot of the things I’ve been wanting to do. It’s nice to watch the progression of logging trailer so I have a good idea of what I do and do not want to do when I finally make it to that state.

Jay Bates – Cheap Conduit Lumber Rack

When I was getting ready build a new lumber rack, I went back and found an older video from Jay that I vaguely remembered. This is a pretty close match to the design I was planning and I wanted to refresh myself with how he tackled the project.

Zack Higgens – NVWoodWorks – Coffee Bean Pen Blanks

As I’ve been venturing into stabilizing and casting wood, I’m constantly looking up answers to problems I run into or questions I have. Zack’s channel is a wealth of information and I’m pretty sure he’s tried to cast just about everything.


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