Monkey Talk #07

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Every year, a bunch of my friends and myself rent a cabin on Hawley Lake and take the 5 hour drive into the mountains to get there. We spend a long weekend fishing, camping, playing games and all of the general merriment that goes along with hanging with the guys in the woods. I was feeling on top of everything as far as my website & YouTube channel were going until the long weekend off put me behind.

I won’t go into much more details about the camping trip but you can enjoy some of the pictures from this years annual guys getaway.

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I get a message every time a package is delivered to my UPS mailbox and was pretty curious when I got a notification the other day and wasn’t expecting anything. Katz-Moses Dovetail JigThis isn’t totally out of the norm as sometimes I’ll forget I’ve ordered something especially if it wasn’t Amazon Prime with two-day shipping. After some research, I still couldn’t figure out what I ordered and gave up. When I stopped by my mailbox I was excited to find that Jonathan Katz-Moses sent me a magnetic dovetail jig. I haven’t had a chance to try it out between everything else I have going on but I have been wanting to do a small box project with dovetails for a while so maybe this is my excuse. If you get a chance, you should check out his website and YouTube channel.


I haven’t milled anything since Monkey Talk #06 but I do have some exciting news. There are some local guys Silas Kyler and David Hildreth that are making a documentary about urban milling called Felled. They contacted me a while back about a book they are working on and wanted to document the process of using a chainsaw mill. I of course said yes and offered any of my existing footage for use if needed in their documentary and/or book. The current plan is for them to stop by the morning of June 6th to mill a mesquite log provided by them. I’m kind of excited to be part of this process and I’m sure I’ll have some additional information and pictures in the next Monkey Talk.

The documentary Felled is expected to be released this year. Check out the trailer:



I’ve been so busy with projects that I was surprised to find that I have only finished one project since the last Monkey Talk. I guess that means I have a ton of projects in progress or the fence is taking up all of my time. Yea, I’m thinking the fence is a time suck..

The only project I recently finished and got a video out for is my tapering jig. I had a project that needed a tapered cut and purchased the toggle clamps months ago so didn’t have an excuse anymore to not make one. Check out the detailed article and video!

Tapering Jig


I know that stabilizing and casting was on the in progress section of my last Monkey Talk and I’m sorry to say that there hasn’t been a ton of progress on either. My fence seems to be taking over everything for the moment as everything in my shop got pushed to the sides to make room for 36 metal fence posts that got caps welded on and ground smooth. My entire shop is now covered in a fine layer of metal dust and all of the blanks I’ve stabilized are sitting on my table saw in the corner staring at me. I did get my Palo Verde piece that was bored out by carpenter bees all stabilized and I ended up returning my H.F. pressure pot for a new one but that’s pretty much all of the progress.




The fence…. this project is by far the largest thing I have ever taken on both in expense and time. I first started by pouring a foundation over a year ago and am just now starting to see the fruits of my labor. So far I have poured a foundation, laid a 2-foot tall cinder block wall and made a little more than half of the metal panels needed for the top portion. I have installed 7 of those panels to date and have another 7 pre-made and ready to install before I have to assemble more.

Metal fence on cinder block wall

I am not going to go into great detail on all of the pictures below but will touch on some of the high points. I have also been filming many aspects of this project and am currently planning on breaking the entire projected into a 3-part video series. Some of the main points of the images below are the assembly of the panels, the amount of tools I tote around while installing panels as well as the cinder block fence that I both broke and repaired last weekend. I’m sure I’ll touch a little more on some of those aspects in the Monkey Talk video but I think that’s where I’m going to leave it off here. (I do have a lot more left to do on this fence so it will more than likely be at least part of these updates for a while.)



  • Necklace Display
  • Monkey Moment #03 – Quick Wood Screw Clamp Vise
  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Stabilizing Wood


  • Pressure Pot
  • Casting Wood
  • French Cleat Tool Storage
  • Clamp Rack
  • Carpenter Bee Trap


Machine Right – How to make a vacuum chamber

This my buddy Anthony Avila‘s first video. He literally spent TONS of time on it. We’ve all been giving him crap for months but now that it’s been released, the amount of effort he put into it really shows. 

Sean RubinoBuild a Split Top Saw Bench

Sean has really outdone himself with this video. He’s done something new and put this cool video to the sweet sounds of adult video. It made me laugh so hard I had to share it with anyone within ear shot. (They all loved it too!)

Braxton WirthlinGrenade Tap Handle

Braxton is an amazing woodworking and puts out some really great content. I think he is an under appreciated online content provider and he’s really starting to find his own video editing style which is turning out to be amazing!

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  1. I see you have a Idaho license plate on the wall. I lived in Idaho and still have my license plate and tacked it to my garage shop wall. Mine is 3L

    • 3L huh, I had to look that one up. I’m a 1F’er down at the other side of the state. Not sure that I’ve ever made it up your way before. Every time I make it up that far north it’s on the eastern side of the state.

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