Monkey Moment #01 – Giant Moving Cart

Welcome to the inaugural post of the short format Monkey Moment series. I’ve been wanting to do a “quick tip” type of series for a long time and just haven’t gotten it done. I’ve actually shot some footage of other quick tips but they just didn’t feel right. After having footage of this moving cart around for a few months, I decided it was time.

I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve struggled during the finishing stage of a large project. Normally my projects stay put inside until finished with an exception of projects so large they must be moved into an open area to properly spray.

Sometimes the best solution is the fastest and easiest.

During an afternoon break of working on a pair of exceptionally large cabinets, I was talking to my wife about the difficulties of moving large cabinets around when spraying outside. She looked over at me and nonchalantly mentioned that I had quite a large stack of pallets out back and probably had casters somewhere. I immediately knew that I have overlooked a very simple solution and quickly grabbed pallets and casters. (Everybody has a drawer full of casters right?) In less than 20 minutes I had two large moving carts that let me easily maneuver the dry and then wet cabinets in and out of the garage during the finishing process. With these large carts I was able to spray and relocate everything in a matter of minutes and didn’t have to strain my back or muck up the finished surface.

Future Monkey Moments

I am going to do something a little different with this series in the future and hopefully incorporate videos of other creators to get tips from a wider spectrum of woodworkers and makers. This short “quick tip” format might not be for everybody and will sometimes demonstrate obvious solutions to many. If that’s the case for you then send me a quick tip of your own either in an email or video format. If it’s up to snuff then you might see it posted in a future installment of the new mini-series.

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