Dust Collector Drum Sensor

When starting my dust collector upgrade, I knew I would be needing a solution to know when my dust bin was full before my cyclone and filter were packed. I found more than a few DIY solutions online but not anything that I was really interested in. I planned on eventually using some spare electronic parts I’ve had laying around that have been wanting to be used and cobble together some sort of infrared sensor with a relay when Oneida reached out to me. I was surprised to find that they actually make and sell an almost identical product to what I was thinking of and were willing to let me give it a try. (I’m surprised I didn’t know about the sensor since I purchased my cyclone from them.. guess that shows how observant I am.)

So far I’ve been using it for over a month and am glad I have it! If you’ve ever filled up your bin, cyclone and filter, you’ll know how much time something like this can really save. The only issue I’ve run into was it triggering a little early but it was an easy fix. For some reason the sawdust in my bin piles up on one side before leveling out and filling the entire drum. It only makes sense that the initial location of the sensor was right above this pile so by simply rotating the lid around resolved this issue.

Check out the Oneida Air Systems’ Dust Sentry Automatic Dust Bin Level Indicator: http://www.oneida-air.com/inventoryD.asp?item_no=AXB999110A&CatId={428A1AFA-E859-459E-8BF9-47817428D9AF}

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