Double Vanity Build

This double vanity project was the last big thing I had planned for my house. After the vanity was done I was going to remodel my master bathroom and then start the process of selling my current house to buy a new one. This all got sped up when my wife and I somewhat unexpectedly purchased a new house and needed to sell the old one asap.

Plans for this vanity can be found at:

This project was done with hard maple including the plywood for the cabinet and drawers. The entire face of the vanity excluding the two large panels in the doors came form a single board. This is one of the first projects I’ve done by getting rough sawn lumber and milling it to size. I really enjoyed taking it from a semi-rough form to a finished project and plan on continuing down this road. I also got a chance to pull out my hand tools more than a couple times.

This was actually the first project I started filming but I wasn’t ever in a hurry to get it done. That was until we unexpectedly purchased a 2nd home and needed to quickly finish the remodel on the first so we could get it on the market. This is why I didn’t have any footage of the final assembly and finishing.

Double Bathroom Vanity

Lessons Learned

  • If you’re joining boards together with biscuits to make panels, make sure you account for the wood that will be removed by the largest router bit. I actually exposed the biscuits on the front of the large panels. Luckily I was planning on painting this so I could fill it and sand it to make it disappear.
  • When doing a remodel, sometimes it’s easier when you live there. We thought it would be easier to remodel the bathroom when we didn’t live there but boy were we wrong. We moved into the new house ASAP and then it was hard to get the time to go to the other house to get stuff done. It would have bee slightly inconvenient not having a master bathroom while we lived there but I could have done more work every day since I was living there.
  • If I ever mention making kitchen cabinets, please talk it out of it. While I am very happy with the outcome of this project, it wasn’t a very exciting one.. For how much work and time I put into this vanity, I can’t imagine how much work it would be for me to build an entire kitchen.

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