Mobile Tool Base

My dad gave me an old 6″ Craftsman jointer with a metal frame like a large erector set. Since the layout of my shop changes quite frequently depending on what I’m working on, I knew that I had to make it easy enough to move by myself. I quickly found a few examples online and adapted them to my needs. I think I’ve made the design a little more simple yet still functional. This video explains my design and shows the process of how it’s made.

Lessons Learned

  • I should have spent a little more time making sure the base was perfectly level. I’m sure it will settle a little over time but right now it rocks a little. If it bothers me too much I’ll take one of the corners off and make a slight adjustment.
  • These legs were bent pretty bad in a couple places. If I had a better frame it would have been easier to assemble the mobile base as well as keep it perfectly flat.
  • While I was finishing up this project and installing the jointer, I decided to make a dust shoot. The bad part of this was when I cut my hand while drilling a pilot hole for the jig saw to make the hole for the shop vac. The piece was too large for my drill press so I was holding it down with my left hand when the 2″ forstner bit jammed and decided to chew into the base of my thumb. Everything turned out “ok” but I did end up with 6 stitches.. You can bet that next time I will be using clamps and a more appropriate bit size.

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