Cable Management Tray


A friend from work asked for some help on building a cable tray for his computer desk. He even provided some detailed plans to explain exactly what he wanted, which came in handy. This wasn’t a super exciting project but I think it is a very useful one. Once again I am not going to go into super detailed steps here since I have a video detailing the entire process. If you want to see how it was made and the steps I took, just click on the video below.



I think I’m getting a little better at making these videos and not getting “too” much footage to edit. I am still working on a balance of explaining my thought process and just showing it.
Here’s the plans that my friend provided. I’ve converted them to an image that you can download and print if you want to make something similar.
desk2 desk1 desk3
Some semi-clear pictures of the cable tray after installation. It’s even big enough to put a couple of power strips in.


The entire desk looks great from the front. You don’t see any cables dangling down and everything looks super clean.


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