Zero Clearance Table Saw Insert

On more than a few occasions, I’ve needed a zero clearance table saw insert. I was always too cheap to buy one specially made for my saw and didn’t have the planer to get the thickness I needed. So, instead of getting what I needed, I decided to wait. I finally purchased a planer about a month ago and then I ran into a project that I really needed an insert for.

I was cutting the plywood for the cabinet of my master bathroom double vanity. When I got to the crosscut dados, I had some unwanted tear out and knew it was finally time. I also turned this small project into an opportunity to use our fancy camera and make a YouTube video. I use YouTube almost daily to get instruction or inspiration for my own projects so I have been wanting to contribute for a while.

Pretty much everything is outlined in the video so I’m not going into great detail here. I had some Aleppo Pine (Jerusalem Pine) left over from another project. It’s not a super hard wood but its definitely harder than regular pine.

I started by planing one section down to about the same size as my manufactured blade guard. I then traced it and cut it out with my bandsaw leaving it slightly over sized. I then straightened it out and brought it down to size using my bench sander which worked wonders. After having a template that fit, I took the rest of the Aleppo Pine and re-sawed it roughly in half giving me enough to make 4 inserts.
After planing it to size, using my flush cut template bit and the insert template I quickly made 4 zero clearance table saw inserts. So far these things have worked great and now that I have a template to use, I can quickly make more when needed.
Please comment and let me know what you think about the video. Also, if you have an account on YouTube, please subscribe to my channel and I will try to get out more videos sooner than later.


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