Glider Ottoman

For those of you that know me, you also know that we have been expecting a baby girl. (Her name is Chloe and she was born on December 4th.) Because of this, we recently purchased a nice swivel glider chair that we happened across for almost 50% off. Unfortunately, this chair didn’t come with an ottoman to go with it and thus my glider ottoman project started.

This SketchUp file can be found on my Plans & Designs page.
20131213_212658After looking at pictures of other people’s ottomans, I started my SketchUp design and figured out how I was going to manage the gliding portion of the project. I found some nice gliding hardware on Amazon but it was fairly pricey and I figured I could manage on my own with stuff I had lying around. I ended up using some skateboard bearings and 5/16″ nuts, bolts and washers. The rest was just some hardwood ply from a previous project.
Here are some pictures of the glider assembly. I only had 4″ carriage bolts so I cut them to size with a grinder after installed. I think it would have worked better with slightly larger bolts but so far it’s working pretty good and glides smoothly.


I did make a few modifications to the plan while I was constructing the ottoman. I added a little more foot support and extended the front and back down a little more with a cutout for the gliding arms. I don’t really think I needed the extra leg support and the front/back would have worked fine at the original size but I had extra wood so I figured why not.
After everything was cut, glued, nailed, screwed and clamped I had to figure out what to do for upholstery. Erika and I made a trip to the store to pick out some home decor fabric that closely matched our chair. My wife is usually the sewer but she was kind of busy with baby Chloe and I’m impatient so I got familiar with her sewing machine.


Even though my upholstery job isn’t perfect, and it probably took as long to cut and sew the fabric as cutting and assembling the ottoman,  I’m proud that I was able to accomplish it. I think this will be enjoyed for years to come.

Lessons Learned

  • Significant others like projects that are for them and have a relative quick turn around.
  • This project was much easier than anticipated.
  • Even though there are specialty bearings for this that make things easier, it’s not hard to get by with regular bearings and bolts.
  • Sewing isn’t that hard but I do need more practice.

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