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My friend sent me a picture of a shelf made out of a pallet and I immediately called some friends at work to see if I could grab some off the loading dock. I ran down there after work and got two pallets that weren’t too old and falling apart but weren’t too new so they had the old wood look. I brought them home and they sat in the garage for a little over a month… After finishing one of my other projects, I decided I needed some more garage space so I started my hour long DIY pallet shelf project.

IMAG0090Here’s one of the pallets I picked for the project, nothing too special. This one was fairly new but didn’t have that new pallet smell and shine and wasn’t falling apart like some of the older ones.


After prying off some of the extra pieces of wood (to be used later) I cut the pallets in three pieces. I cut both sides off at the top most point where the forks on a forklift would go under them. Doing it this way will give two shelves per pallet and will give me the extra wood needed for the bottom. I’ve seen pictures of pallet shelves with two planks on the bottom so I assumed they used the middle of the pallet plus part of the fork lift indention but I wanted more.

I tried to show all of the tools I used in this picture but I ended up just using the saw’s all (reciprocating saw) instead of the circular saw and I also used a brad nail gun and my small table saw. Don’t forget the gloves because these things have been thrown around and are full of splinters if you’re not careful.


After cutting the two ends off of each of the pallets, I needed to fashion a bottom for my shelves. Using my table saw and some left over planks on the pallet, I quickly cut some bottoms and nailed them in place. I just put some brad nails in the front and back not worrying about the sides since they probably won’t be supporting tons of weight.


After about an hour, I had three shelves from my two pallets. I would of had four but one of the pallet ends was damaged. I’m pretty sure that most of the hour I spent making these three shelves was spent prying the extra planks off. They don’t come off very easy but you’ll need them later so make sure to be careful with at least a few of them.


Here’s the finished product. I was only allowed to put one up in the garage because Erika wanted to put one or two up in the house. Something about it being.. fun? I’ve shown a few friends and I’ve already gotten a few requests. I think these will make great garage shelves and it’s already helped me reclaim some of the more valuable larg shelf space by putting all of my spray cans and caulking tubes away somewhere that they fit perfect. I’m going to try to sneak another one away to put it under this one.

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