Personalized Key Holder

Intro Into my Projects..

I’ve decided to take the pictures of my projects and start posting them. Hopefully in the future I will remember to take more pictures so I can actually document the process for others that might want to do something similar.

My First “Documented” Project

I started out with a piece of scratch wood in the garage and found a font in MS Word that I liked and printed out a sort of stencil. After cutting out the letters and tracing them on the wood, I cut it out with my jig saw and here you go. (I only broke off one letter during the sanding process..)

After using the router to make the edges pretty and put slots in the back to put in the nail holders, it got a nice dark stain, lacquer and the key holders. Now it has enough hooks to hold all of our keys and then some.

Lessons Learned

  1. A band or scroll saw would be nice for projects like this where there is some tight cutting.. (Maybe one day I will be so lucky..)
  2. Use a HARDWOOD!! I shouldn’t have used the scrap wood in the garage.. I’ve learned that pine breaks very easy and wish I would have used a maple or oak or this project. Between Erika and Myself sanding or dropping or knocking this off the wall. I think ever letter but the ‘O’ has been glued back on.

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