Chicken Coup for Kings

This looks like a nice playhouse right? Nope, it’s a chicken coup that I took on for my friend. He previously hurt his shoulder in a snowboarding accident with his son so he asked me to help build a chicken coup for his 10 chickens. I can’t take all of the credit, he helped hold things up and managed to swing a hammer for short periods of time. (Update: My friends shoulder is all good now and he is up to 15 chickens now.)

My friend and his brother got the deck put together the day before I showed up and we put up the frame up.

I can’t remember which came first but we built the rafters and put up some sighting.


My daughter Jaylee standing in the doorway after we finished for the day. We finished putting up the plywood, tar paper and shingles. I spent the whole day on the roof by myself putting it all together. I was nice and sore the next day and my butt crack was pretty burnt too.. (Bad plumbers crack..)


We’ve got a whirlybird on the roof, an access panel on the back to get at the eggs and the fence poles up.
Here’s the coup all done. I didn’t do all of the finishing work. My friends shoulder eventually got better and he painted the trim, planted trees, put up some stairs, finished the fence, installed an automatic chicken door, etc… It looks really nice now.


Lessons Learned

  1. Either make sure you don’t have a plumbers crack or bring lots of sun screen when working on a roof.. It hurt and was pretty embarrassing with a thin strip of burnt skin going across the top of my butt.
  2. Make sure the floor decking is level before you start.. It sure does help in the long run. (Not going to take credit for that one since I didn’t build the floor decking and won’t take credit for the semi crooked window.. adds character right?)

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